Mom’s laundry chute in single level home has TikTok in awe: ‘This is quite literally my dream’

This TikToker has a laundry chute in her home that makes clothes disappear like magic!

Delaney Rose (@officialdelaneyrose) is a parent and real estate agent who recently took to TikTok to share one of the most frequently commented upon features of her home: A small laundry chute that automatically delivers clothing to the laundry room! The futuristic looking laundry chute might just be perfect for parents with lots of laundry to do. 

The video begins as Delaney walks through her bedroom towards the bathroom. “Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool,” she explains as she enters the bathroom and reveals that, next to the toilet, there is a small circular hatch embedded in the wall. “Could be a hidden cabinet, little movie room, gadget, but ours is this.”

Delaney waves her hand in front of the hatch and it slides open on its own, revealing a small opening in the wall. Delaney grabs a handful of dirty laundry off the floor and holds it up to the opening. The hatch sucks the clothing in almost like a pneumatic tube.

Next, Delaney leaves the bathroom and walks through her home to the laundry room. When she enters the laundry room, she reveals a cabinet sitting above the washing machine. Underneath the cabinet sits a small laundry basket. As Delaney films, the laundry from the bathroom falls down into the laundry basket. 

The video ends as Delaney pulls the basket out to reveal that it is full of laundry that has been transported from the bathroom.

Viewers were amazed by Delaney’s automatic laundry chute. 

“I would occupy myself for hours with this,” one viewer commented. 

“This is quite literally my dream,” wrote another TikToker. 

“A clothing teleportation device?!” another TikToker joked. 

While Delaney’s laundry portal might seem magical, it actually uses clever engineering to transport laundry from one room to another. According to Laundry Jet, the brand who makes the laundry system, the laundry hatch uses a vacuum system to send clothing to the laundry room. It’s not magic, but it’s certainly a time-saver!

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