How to do the ‘Lawnmower Challenge’ on TikTok

There’s a new challenge on TikTok that’s all about celebrating a little jiggle and a little wiggle. 

The “Lawnmower Challenge” has people shaking their booties like gardening equipment. Here’s what to know about the hilarious trend.

What is the ‘Lawnmower Challenge’ on TikTok? 

The Lawnmower Challenge uses the sound of a lawnmower revving up. The trend originated in a video by @isaiahsbaconn in which he pulled a cord stuffed into his shorts to “start himself up.” With each rev of the motor, he shook his butt until the engine started and he jiggled rapidly away.

At the time of writing, @isaiahsbaconn’s sound has over 31,000 videos associated with it.

Some examples of the ‘Lawnmower Challenge’ on TikTok


My lawn mower was stuck I got it working tho

♬ original sound – Isaiahsbaconn

TikToker Markell Washington used the drawstring on his pants to rev up his motor and show off his twerking skills. It earned him 3 million likes.

Stassie Karanikolaou got 19.3 million views when she had a friend start her engine by pulling on the strings of her sweatpants.

User @zandriadavey pulled a string from the cleavage of her dress to get herself twerking. The video has been watched more than 11.4 million times and TikTokers love it.

“You won,” one person said.

“Love it. Love everything about it,” another said

“This is brilliant,” a third user added.

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