LAX employee slams ‘arrogant’ celebrity travelers

22-year-old Cindy is a former customer service rep who worked at LAX — up until March when the coronavirus hit the travel industry hard. In the meantime, she’s been gaining thousands of followers on TikTok for her hilarious and honest reviews of celebrities she’s interacted with at LAX.

Some ratings were no surprise — we’ve heard complaints against some of these celebrities before — and others sounded like maybe famous people really are just like us and forget their passports and ask where baggage claim is.

“It was fun for the most part,” Cindy told BuzzFeed about interacting with so many celebrities on a regular basis. “Most of them were really humble and honestly just normal people, so it was nice getting to see that different side to them rather than what you see on TV or in movies.”

Here’s what Cindy had to say about these very famous travelers:

Best behaved celebrities

“Technically I wasn’t supposed to take pictures with him but I was on my ‘lunch time,'” Cindy explained, pointing to a photo of her with Matthew Gray Grubler. “20 out of 10.”

Credit: TikTok

“Dakota [Johnson]. Nine out of 10 and literally the only reason why it’s a nine out of 10 is because she forgot her passport,” Cindy said. “So we had to delay the flight and she still didn’t make it back, but I made fun of her the next time she flew out and she laughed and was still really polite.”

“Super nice, super friendly. He came up to me to ask me directions to baggage claim and where to find his escort,” Cindy said about Noah Centineo, who she graded a 10 out of 10. “Let’s just say if I had been single when we had met? It would’ve gone down.”

Credit: _sincindy / TikTok

“Robert Pattinson, 10 out of 10,” Cindy said. “Nice, asked me how my day was, I told him to have a nice flight, he told me ‘thank you’ and gave me a wink and I — 13-year-old me almost passed out.”

“He said hi to everybody as he was boarding the aircraft, which is something most celebrities never do,” Cindy said regarding Orlando Bloom’s 10 out of 10 score.

“10 out of 10 for both of them, they were both super nice,” Cindy said about new parents Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. “I was so excited to meet [Joe].”

“Jared Padalecki. Yes, he is that hot in person. He was a 12 out of 10, he was so freakin’ polite,” Cindy said. “He actually stopped to talk to me.”

Credit: _sincindy / TikTok

“I know a lot of people don’t like him but Jeffree Starr was a 10 out of 10,” Cindy said. “I saw him three times and I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to annoy him. He checked in normal and didn’t want any special service. The second time around, he asked me what highlight I was wearing, which was of course his.”

Worst celebrities to travel with

“I know some people are going to come for me for this one, but two out of 10,” Cindy said about Nicki Minaj. “Wouldn’t get off the aircraft until everyone else got off.”

Credit: _sincindy / TikTok

Apparently Cindy got so much backlash for saying this, she posted a follow up TikTok explaining why this behavior is an issue.

“That’s a security breach, everyone has to be off the aircraft before the flight attendants,” Cindy explained. “The flight attendants had been working for 10+ hours at that point — they want to get to their hotel room and get their rest. It’s really selfish.”


Reply to @ricottaricky this is why I personally don’t like her, it‘s my opinion and I’m glad other people have had much better encounters with her.

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“Every time she flew she was not really friendly to anybody and just walked around really arrogant,” Cindy said about Kendall Jenner.

Cindy’s least favorite celebrity? Former Vine star Cameron Dallas, who she gave a one out of 10.

“He thought it was funny running late to the plane, you know, as 400+ people are waiting for him and my supervisors were yelling at him,” Cindy explained. “He laughed and wanted to take his time to get on board. Not cute.”

Watch all six parts of Cindy’s LAX celebrity sightings on her TikTok here.

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