Expert demonstrates how to lay down a sleeping baby without waking it

TikToker Rachelle Gershkovich of Maternal Instincts, an organization that helps sleepless infants rest, is all about infant sleep and development. She recently shared a few simple steps on how to lay your sleeping baby down without waking it up. Gershkovich used a baby doll to demonstrate exactly how parents can put their little ones in their cribs without causing any commotion. 

“If you’re in this position where you have your arm underneath your baby’s back, you reposition your hands first before you even try to lay them down,” Gershkovich said

She placed one hand under the doll’s head and the other under the bum to free up the infant’s back, so her arm wasn’t stuck under the infant when she laid it down. 

“Next tip: When you go to lay your baby down, you don’t remove them from your body and bring them down,” Gershkovich explained

Detaching from the infant too quickly can trigger their Moro reflex, which can make them feel off-balance and thus, startled. Instead, she held the doll close to her chest and slowly lowered it down to the bed. Then, she gently removed her hand from under the baby’s bum and placed it on its chest. 

Next, she removed the hand from under its head and slowly removed her hand from the baby’s chest. She kept her hand hovering over the baby for a few seconds before removing it. Only after this process should the parent leave the room. 

“The entire time you are doing this, your eyes need to be closed. Eyes are a nonverbal communication that your baby should be asleep. They’re going to mimic you,” she explained

The video received 11.1 million views and 1 million likes on TikTok

“This is how I did it with my children. It actually works! Thank you for sharing,” someone wrote

“Sending this to my boyfriend, so he knows how to properly move me from the couch to our bed when I fall asleep watching American Idol,” another joked

“Never knew this, but I have always done it this way with my children,” a person said

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