Leah McSweeney on her brutally honest memoir and where she stands with ‘RHONY’

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Bravo may have put The Real Housewives of New York City on an extended hiatus as it figures out the show’s path forward, but Leah McSweeney is still having one hell of a year.

The two-season RHONY star recently released a memoir, Chaos Theory: Finding Meaning in the Madness, One Bad Decision at a Time, which shares new details of stories from her past, some of which she first told on RHONY with much less context. It’s a fearless account of her colorful life full of self-reflection, triumphs, difficult lows and one-of-a-kind experiences that only McSweeney could have had.

In the most recent episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series We Should Talk, the founder of the clothing brand Married to the Mob opened up about Chaos Theory, where she stands with the RHONY of it all and much more.

Listen to Real Housewives of New York City star Leah McSweeney’s full episode of We Should Talk here, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

On the process of writing her book, Chaos Theory: First, it was triggering, then it was cathartic. It definitely had more of an impact on me emotionally than I thought it was going to, especially doing the audiobook and having to say it and reading it out loud. I was like, “Oh, my God. Why did I write this stuff?” […] Feeling like they’re not alone — that’s the main thing that I want people to walk away with, not feeling like they’re the only ones. So much of addiction issues, mental health issues and the human experience is feeling other than or different, or that people don’t understand you. But really, we’re all going through such similar things. […] We’re taught to not talk about it, and I think that that’s a problem.

On whether or not she thinks she’ll come back to RHONY: I think I’m not coming back. It’s just the better way to think about it. I mean, look, I have to see if they offer me to come back. I have to see who’s on it. I have to see which show it is. I can’t think like, “what if? what if? what if?” I would be bummed just because my second season was not fun. Maybe this show’s not supposed to be fun, though, I don’t know. I think it’s supposed to be fun, and I want to have fun on my last season. But, I just think, “OK, I’m not going back.” […] I feel closure. I totally feel closure. Obviously, some of the women I talk to, some of them I don’t talk to. Some of them I read what they say about me in the press, and that gives me closure.

On being hurt by her RHONY co-star Sonja Morgan: [I’m] disappointed in her. […] I feel like I shouldn’t have said something so negative about [her], but the thing is, I was so hurt by her. Let me give context to why I said that: I was very hurt by the things that she said in the Not All Diamonds and Rosé book about Tinsley [Mortimer] and me and my sister, but really Tinsley. I was just like, “Wow. That is really sad.” Sonja obviously has so many great qualities, she’s a comedic genius, she’s a beloved Housewife and she still feels so badly about herself that she feels the need to drag and bring down Tinsley. The women who used that book as a way to drag other women down? That says all you need to know about them, and you know who those bitches are. Sonja shouldn’t have done that, because she doesn’t have to do that. She’s Sonja Morgan!

On her longtime friend Julia Fox’s breakout fame this year: She’s a force to be reckoned with. I love what’s happening for her right now. She’s just in her element! This is where she should be: with everyone paying attention. She drives people crazy, they don’t understand her, they don’t get her [and] it’s f***ing brilliant. I think 75% of this is she’s f***ing with everybody, too. She’s beyond self-aware, so she’s trolling everyone. Some of it with Kanye [West] was performance art, and I loved it. It was a great distraction for me, reading what was going on with them next. Badass!

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Leah McSweeney below, and order her book Chaos Theory here:

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