McDonald’s employee reveals the chain’s ‘least-ordered’ menu item

A fast-food worker is going viral after revealing the alleged least-ordered item at McDonald’s.

The revelation comes courtesy of Stephen Patula, the McDonald’s employee behind the popular TikTok page @patulafamilymcdonalds. In his most recent video, the TikToker shared the “least-ordered” item at his family’s chain of McDonald’s franchises.

Patula’s page has become a major source for McDonald’s hacks and secrets. In the past, he’s also dished on the “most complicated” order for employees to make.

In this new video, which has already drawn almost 5 million views, Patula explained why hot tea is his location’s least-sold item.

“We bought these stores back in July, and I have yet to serve one hot tea,” Patula said in the clip. “I actually didn’t even know that we sold hot tea until about a month ago.”

That fact is a little ironic because, as Patula added in his clip, his location probably sells more iced tea than anything else.

The explanation drew plenty of support from other TikTokers claiming to be McDonald’s employees. Many said they’d had similar experiences.

“We sold a hot tea the other day. No one knew how to make it,” one user wrote.

“No one gets hot tea [at our location] except for one guy,” another added.

“It’s not advertised well,” another wrote.

Other users seemed surprised by the answer. Many claimed that in some countries — like the U.K. — hot tea is fairly popular.

“U.K. McDonald’s sells lots of tea,” one commenter wrote.

Of course, Patula’s video is totally subjective — and just based on the store where he works. That said, hot tea isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the golden arches.

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