TikTok reveals hack that will make saving leftovers less of a headache

There are countless TikToks that advertise “life-changing hacks” but when it comes to this easy trick, it might really be life-changing.

A TikToker who goes by the name Nurse Tara shared a little kitchen hack from her aunt that absolutely blew her mind — as well as the minds of the almost 3 million people who have watched her video.

“So my aunt comes over yesterday and I’m putting away my meal prep and I’m using the Saran wrap to cover one of the pots,” Tara says at the beginning of the clip.

For those who aren’t familiar with Saran wrap or are confused because they call it cling wrap, it’s the rolled-up sheet of plastic that is typically used for covering leftovers to keep the food fresh.

“She’s like, ‘You know Saran wrap is supposed to go in the freezer, right'” Tara says, with the text, “TODAY YEARS OLD” typed above her head. “I’m like … who?!”

Tara’s aunt insisted it was supposed to be stored in the freezer, so the TikToker tested it out and left her wrap to chill overnight.

“Let me show you,” Tara says. “This is for the non-believers.”

In the clip, Tara films herself taking her Saran wrap out of the freezer and then scrunching it up in her hands. Typically this would cause the plastic sheet to cling to itself, but when Tara does it to the frozen plastic, it didn’t stay wrinkled at all.

To anyone who would be confused as to why someone would want their Saran wrap to be less clingy, it’s because it actually makes it so much easier to wrap food. The plastic doesn’t stick to itself, but it still protects the food inside.

“I’m legit doing this now I hate Saran wrap,” one person replied.

Another user summarized the vast world of viral TikTok life hacks: “I don’t know how to do anything correctly apparently.”

“If only I knew this before I destroyed every box in a 5-mile radius from sheer rage,” someone added. “Seriously doing this now.”

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