Legally blind toddler can’t contain her joy when she sees Mom’s face for the very first time: ‘We take our senses for granted’

A toddler’s reaction to seeing her mom’s face clearly for the first time is going viral, bringing people to tears all across TikTok.

TikTok family @elderberrysultan gained over 15 million views and 32,000 comments when they posted the touching footage to their account.

Now, much like this toddler and her chocolate lab who do the sweetest happy dance when Dad comes home, little Riley and her new glasses are sparking joy in people’s hearts around the world.

In the video, @elderberrysultan explains that little Riley got her very first pair of glasses two years ago — completely changing her world in an instant!

“We noticed around 2 years old that she called everyone ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ because she couldn’t recognize faces,” Riley’s parents explain in the TikTok.

But the second Riley’s glasses are in place, she knows exactly who her mom and dad really are!


People were asking so here is more of Riley putting on glasses for the first time! #toddlersoftiktok #fyp #family #love #girldad

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Thousands of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the footage in the comments.

“The way she just keeps spinning and looking at everything … When she laughed, I literally started tearing up. So sweet,” one user wrote.

“This is just such a magical moment,” another user wrote, fluttery pink heart emojis in tow.

“Oh sheesh!!! Tears of joy for this baby!!!!” exclaimed another user.

“How overwhelmingly magical for her — parenting done right! She’s so precious,” commented another user.

“I also saw a video about a baby being given a hearing device, and I just … we take our senses for granted,” shared another user, a string of crying emojis behind their words.

“I keep coming back to this video, and it makes me happy cry every single time. She’s so adorable. What a pure little soul,” wrote another user.

Riley has since updated her look after receiving her first pair of glasses, but she’s still stealing TikTokers’ hearts with her bubbly spirit — and perhaps inspiring us all to be a little more thankful for any senses or abilities we may take for granted.

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