Legendary Philadelphia DJ celebrates 36 years with WMMR Radio

Philadelphia legend Pierre Robert has spent the last 36 years as 93.3 WMMR Radio’s rock-loving DJ. A fixture in the city, he’s participated in much of its musical history including 1985’s Live Aid. Robert is known for playing classic vinyl, interviewing musical heavyweights like Bono and offering rock history lessons.

But perhaps he is known best of all for his warm, inclusive approach to disc jockeying.

“This connection that Pierre’s been able to make in this city with so many individuals over the years,” Nick Mcilwain, producer of WMMR’s “The Preston and Steve Show,” told In The Know. “Building bridges instead of building walls, he’s the best at it.”

However, Robert’s path to his dream job wasn’t so easy. When he moved to Philly from California with nothing but a Volkswagen, a dream and a $500 loan from his dad, he started out working at a health food store.

“When I got here to Philly I thought I would sail right into this job,” Robert told In The Know. “I did not have this job. I was broke. Then one day I went to a palm reader on South Street.”

The palm reader told Robert to “follow the letter.” He wasn’t sure what that meant at first.

“I said, ‘That’s it?’ The next day I got a letter from the afternoon DJ and that opened the door,” Robert told In The Know.

WMMR celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Meanwhile, Robert signed a multiyear contract with the station a year later. He’s not going anywhere.

“There’s so many blessings that come from having worked here. The audience connection. The friendship with them,” he told In The Know. “The opportunity to get to know people who have been rock and roll idols of mine. The opportunity to sit across the table and interview Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.”

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