Legend’s complicated stunt leaves young gymnasts stunned

This seasoned gymnast makes the impossible look easy.

Aaron Michael Cook is a legendary gymnast. The 2009 world champion is also the first person in history to do a standing double back, two backflips in midair. The seasoned tumbler now coaches budding gymnasts, but every now and again he graces his Instagram, aaronmichael0514, with some of his highflying moves. 

Sometimes it’s an easy whip double, two backward somersaults where the hands don’t touch the floor, or flexing how much air he can get. Cook showed off his stamina during some playful practice on Instagram

In one video, a group of young gymnasts crowds around an outdoor training mat. The pro flips multiple times from the front of the mat to the end. Then, without stopping, Cook continuously flips toward the front again. As he makes his way back, his hands never touch the ground.

Cook only stops short when he accidentally backflips off the mat and onto the ground. A woman off-camera shrieks in fear, but the gymnast still manages to stick the landing and walks away unfazed. The young ones, however, look stunned.

The impressive clip was viewed over 150,000 times on Instagram. 

“That’s some major athleticism right there,” one person wrote

“That looked so casual for you,” someone commented

“Effortless,” another said

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