TikTok parents are loving this ‘potty mouth’ mom’s reason for letting her kid cuss around the house

A mom’s explanation for why and how she lets her daughter cuss around the house is going viral — and perhaps inspiring other parents to reexamine their own stance on curse words.

Mom and self-proclaimed “potty mouth” @psyko_therapy gained over 3 million views and 7,000 comments when she uploaded the explanatory video to her account.

But in order to avoid any uncomfortable public swearing mishaps — like the 4-year-old who embarrassed her mom when she shared her “fart hack” in Target with a total stranger@psyko_therapy has laid out three rules for her daughter when it comes to cursing.

And, according to Katie Hurley, a psychotherapist who works with children, establishing such clearly defined language and communication expectations is something every family will benefit from.

Mom @psyko_therapy received thousands of replies when she asked in her now viral video’s caption, “Do you allow cuss words?”

As she explains in her video, her daughter is allowed to cuss so long as she follows these rules:

  1. No swearing to disrespect people.
  2. No calling each other swear words.
  3. Not when guests are over.

Because she herself is a “potty mouth,” and because she believes that “swearing is real life,” @psyko_therapy has no issue with her daughter cursing — and, judging by the TikTok comments her video received, she’s far from alone in this belief.

“I’ve always said that my children will be allowed to swear as long as their swears aren’t directed at anyone,” one user commented.

“We allow them with a few simple rules. No calling people swears, no swearing at people, and no swearing at school,” another user shared.

“[If] my kids are expressing themselves with me, I let them go at it. I want them to feel free with me and get it out to talk it out. I get it,” commented another user.

“I let me kids swear when they hurt themselves. As long as it’s not towards anybody, then it’s all ok,” shared another user.

“I hate the argument that people who cuss aren’t ‘smart enough’ to use their words. THEY ARE JUST WORDS,” wrote one user.

“Kids are gonna learn these words anyway. There is absolutely no way out of your kids not finding them out unless you imprison them lol,” joked another user.

All families have their own language patterns’

But some TikTokers shared that cussing was still a no-no in their family’s book.

“I’m 28 and my parents still don’t let me swear in front of them,” one user wrote.

“I’m all for this parenting as long as we don’t bash people who don’t want curse words in their home. I don’t use them … I don’t let my kids use them,” another user shared.

According to Hurley, to reduce kids’ confusion, it’s important for parents to clearly establish their expectations and boundaries around such language.

“All families have their own language patterns and ways of expressing themselves,” Hurley told In The Know by Yahoo.

“While some families are comfortable with cursing, others are not. No matter your comfort level as a family, it’s important to teach kids to use respectful, assertive and thoughtful language when communicating with others.”

But hard-and-fast rules might not be enough when it comes to kids’ language. According to Hurley, it’s important to provide context.

“Language that is allowed at home might not be appropriate at school, in extracurricular activities or in someone else’s home,” said Hurley. “Providing boundaries and clear expectations around language helps reduce confusion.” 

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