What does ‘LH’ mean? Here’s what you need to know about tone indicators

There’s nothing worse than a text message mixup. You might take something someone says literally when they were being sarcastic and look silly. Or they may interpret something you meant in earnest as a joke and you get into an argument. 

TikTok can be overwhelming when it comes to learning the seemingly endless amount of slang on the platform. But Gen Z is actually making it easier to communicate. People are now using tone indicators like “LH” so that nothing gets lost over text. 

What does “/LH” mean on TikTok

When you come across “/LH” on TikTok it likely means “/light-hearted.” This is usually added at the end of the sentence after a slash so that the reader will interpret the sentence as being playful and unserious. 


What is a tone indicator? 

Tone indicators like “/LH” are abbreviations that let the reader know the tone of a message. Not only does this help thwart any potential miscommunications, but it is also helpful for neurodivergent who may not always know how to interpret social interactions. 

“Tone indicators help people understand your text better and are especially helpful for people who identify as neurodivergent and autistic,” @prestinfinity wrote in a caption. 

He included some tone indicators like

  • /TH = Threatening 
  • /NSX = Non-sexual 
  • /S = Sarcasm
  • /SRS = Serious statement
  • /Neg = Negative connotation 
  • /M = Metaphor 
  • /Gen = Genuine question
  • /J = Joke 

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