Members of Gen Z are using their nail polish colors to send signals: ‘It’s a code’

TikTok users have come up with a strange theory about light blue nails — what does it mean?

Can you read into the details of someone’s life based on their nail polish color? Some people think so. Since the blue nail polish theory was popularized in 2020, it has taken on all kinds of meanings. Here’s what you need to know. 

What does blue nail polish mean on TikTok? 



♬ Wyclef Jean – ヴァリアス

“Why is that every time you ask a boy what color you should get your nails they say, ‘light blue,'” @_urdadsgirlfriend posited. 

She then showed off her long, light blue acrylic nails — and a theory was born. 

Guys might be in on the light blue nail polish trend


#duet with @itz_emerson THATS WHY THEY ALWAYS PICK LIGHT BLUE OMFGAJAKAM #fyp #blue #nails #boyfriend

♬ sofia by clairo – .

Another user, @itz_emerson, implied that guys might be in on this secret code. 

“If a girl ever asks me to pick her nail color I’m gonna pick light blue every time just so no other guy flirts with her,” he said. 

Then @anthonysshawtybae dueted him in shock, saying, “Y’all telling me it’s a code for ‘I have a boyfriend?'” 

Now light blue nails signify you are spoken for

To announce she had a boyfriend @hannahheraso didn’t have to say anything, she just flaunted her light blue nail polish. 

“Why did I instantly understand this?” someone commented.

“I’m so happy I understand,” another wrote.

It’s becoming a way to announce a new relationship


what is it w the light blue nails

♬ original sound – Dre

“When your friends wanna have a hot girl summer but you just got your nails done light blue,” @notgraciefedorko said to reveal she’s off the market. 

“They always say light blue,” a user said

“Why do they always say light blue,” a person commented

Don’t worry, the blue nail squad will be supporting singles this Hot Girl Summer. 

As part of the “I got your back meme” which uses an original sound by @comediandre, sporting light blue nails @itjayzlyng showed support for all the single ladies in her life. 

“When my friends wanna have a hot girl summer but I’m happily taken,” she captioned the video.

Then @comediandre’s voice-over said: “Don’t worry girl, I got your back… from right here.” 

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