Woman captures chilling moment lightning strikes her porch

A woman captured the heart-stopping moment lightning struck her porch. 

TikToker Stacy Holley happened to pull her camera out at exactly the right time during a rainstorm. On a day filled with torrential rain, Holley experienced the improbable when lighting struck her porch, which appeared to have a tin roof.


lighting struck my porch just as I started recording the rain 😱 #storm #lightning

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“Lighting struck my porch just as I started recording the rain,” Holley wrote in the caption. 

The video began with Holley opening the door (while standing inside) to pan the camera around to show the heavy downpour surrounding her porch. Then a bang went off. Lightning had struck part of the roof, causing embers to burst everywhere. 

“Oh my god,” Holley shouted

She jumped backward in the doorway and landed safely inside her home. The shocking video received over 8.7 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok

“And this is why I tell my husband not to sit out on the porch in a storm. Thanks for documenting the validity of my point,” someone commented

“So this is why my momma didn’t let me play in the rain,” another wrote

Mother nature said, ‘No photos, please,'” a user joked

Holley is lucky to be OK, as lightning can travel beyond its initial strike point. 

According to NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory, “If you are near something that was hit by lightning such as a tree or fence, this process can be very dangerous, as all of this current does not get dissipated instantaneously. The lightning may hit a tree, then branch off and hit something else, or, after the current travels through the tree trunk, it can also travel through the immediately surrounding area and into anything or anyone nearby.”

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