Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife said she ‘always boos’ during these ‘Hamilton’ scenes

“Hamilton” fans have spent the weekend completely enthralled by the musical’s filmed version, which debuted July 3 on Disney Plus.

Still, we know at least one fan spent some of their viewing experience booing at the screen: Hilariously enough, that fan just happens to be married to the show’s creator.

Vanessa Nadal, who is married to “Hamilton” writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, live-tweeted her experience watching the play’s movie version over the weekend, revealing some hilarious behind-the-scene details along the way.

For one, Nadal explained that she “always boos” any time her husband kisses another character during the show — even when she watches the musical live.

“I always boo when Lin kisses someone else on stage, and people sitting around me look at me like I’m a crazy person. #HamiltonFilm,” she tweeted.

Nadal, who went to the same high school as Miranda and now works as a lawyer, elaborated in subsequent tweets, explaining that she sometimes gets “a bit jealous” when she thinks about the fact that it’s her husband (and not actually Alexander Hamilton) kissing another woman on stage.

Other times, however, she said she’s simply “happy my partner is good at his job and gets to do what he loves.”

Nadal’s live-tweeting feature other insights and revelations — including the fact that when Miranda was writing the musical, she often encouraged him to make sure female characters received plenty of opportunities to rap, in addition to their singing parts.

“Then he gave HER THE BEST RAP IN THE SHOW YASSS,” Nadal wrote of Angelica Schuyler, one of the show’s main female characters.

Another adorable confession revealed that Nadal would often sing the “Hamilton” song “Dear Theodosia” to she and Miranda’s son Sebastian as he was going to bed at night. In the play, Aaron Burr sings the song for his own young child.

“I would imagine that [Miranda] was singing it on stage at the same time (but, lies, infants go to bed before curtain!).”

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