The theme song from a fictional TV show has inspired a TikTok dance trend

TikTok is being taken over by yet another infectious earworm. Here’s why your For You page is full of “pink pink pink, girls girls girls.” 

Gen Z loves a good Disney Channel throwback. It’s no wonder Debby Ryan is so popular on the app. This time around the viral sound du jour comes courtesy of Liv and Maddie, an old sitcom that starred Dove Cameron. The TikTok snippet is actually a theme song from the show but it’s not the show’s actual theme song. If that sentence made your head hurt, then it’s time for a deeper dive into the beloved Disney series.  

Linda and Heather, not Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie starred Cameron who played twin sisters Liv and Maddie. One is a celebrity, the other is a regular girl. The viral TikTok sound is from the show within the show called Linda and Heather. The fictional show follows two best friends who go on crazy adventures. Linda and Heather are supposed to be meta folds of Liv and Maddie. 

The Linda and Heather theme song goes

Pink pink pink, girls girls girls,

Glitter glitter glitter, twirls twirls twirls,

Together forever,

We’re Linda and Heather!

Best friends!

The Linda and Heather TikTok trend

TikToker Madi Monroe demonstrated how to pull off the dance challenge with her bestie Avani Gregg

When the song says “pink pink pink” the pair put their hands on their hips and shook from side to side. At the “girls girls girls” part they shook their hips facing butt to butt and during “glitter glitter glitter” they did magic fingers. For the “twirl twirl twirl” part they spun around. Then finally they held hands and threw their other hands in the air to make a heart shape. 

The trend is so popular that @omalley_kat caught her neighbors doing it across the street. In typical TikTok fashion, the neighbors dueted the original video with their version


Why he ate me up like that 😂😂😂😂

♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular

Influencers seem to love the dance challenge as well. Just check out Tyshon Lawrence rocking the moves with his stepdad

And of course, Selena Gomez’s little sister roped her into the Linda and Heather dance. 

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