Morbid ‘Lion King’ fan theory stuns TikTok

A fan theory about a pivotal scene in the 1994 Disney movie The Lion King is ruining childhoods on TikTok.

The dark theory suggests that Scar, the film’s villain, eats his brother Mufasa after killing him. That scene begins with Scar pushing Mufasa to his death and concludes with Simba cuddling up to his father’s dead body. After Simba runs away, it’s never explained what happens to Mufasa’s carcass.

That’s where TikTok user Christian Jones comes in. While rewatching the movie, he wondered what happened to Mufasa’s body and during his research, he found that while lions typically don’t have any natural predators, they will sometimes eat one another.

Jones backs up his theory by showing another scene in The Lion King where Scar is seen playing with a skull that could arguably be Mufasa’s. Jones even Googles images of lion skulls, which seem oddly similar to the one in the cartoon.

“My whole childhood is ruined,” one person commented. “I might actually cry.”

“It got a whole lot darker now,” another added.

“WHAT IN THE CIRCLE OF LIFE,” someone else said.

Others were quick to point out that the skulls didn’t match enough to be convincing (apparently, there is a skull-collecting TikTok community of some kind), but for the most part, users were shocked that they had never thought about the aftermath of Mufasa’s death.

In reality, hyenas can sometimes eat lions, especially if they’re dead — because, obviously, it’s free food. Plus, since The Lion King was based on Hamlet, there had to be some imagery of a skull somewhere in the movie.

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