Can liquid ‘vegan cheese’ replace the real thing?

Cheese is one of those foods that has ended wars, cured diseases — JK! It’s just really, really good and pretty much works with everything.

Miyoko’s world-changing Vegan Pizza Mozzarella was made to “revolutionize the pizza-making industry.” 

Now usually, when something has been around for centuries and is already perfect, I don’t think there’s any point in revolutionizing it. 

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Society has also flown too close to the sun before. We’ve seen cheez whiz, squeezable cream cheese and everything by Velveeta.

So the question to answer is: Is this vegan bottled cheese actually good?

How we’ll taste test bottled vegan cheese

I’ll be sampling the cheese on the following food items:

  1. Homemade pizza
  2. Plain macaroni pasta
  3. Bread, to make a grilled cheese sandwich

Am I grossed out by the idea of pouring cheese onto my bread to make a sandwich? Absolutely.

How we’ll determine whether bottled vegan cheese is actually good

Each food pairing will have to face the following questions:

  1. Did the cheese improve or ruin the dish?
  2. Was it really that much easier to use bottled cheese?
  3. Could this experience make me go vegan?

The final results

I started by eating a spoonful of the liquid vegan cheese, just to see what I was working with. I do not necessarily recommend doing this.

I’ve experienced this with a lot of vegan alternatives, but there’s always some element of taste that makes it clear to me that the food is not the real thing. I can’t put my finger on it, but I bet I could identify Miyoko’s cheese blindfolded. Or, at least, vegan cheese.

The liquid cheese worked best on the homemade pizza, which makes sense since it was A) made to revolutionize pizza and B) mozzarella flavored.

In terms of the macaroni and cheese, I think I will stick to my powdered Kraft cheddar.

The grilled cheese is what surprised me the most. I was right that the process of pouring cheese onto bread was bizarre, and the final product didn’t have that idyllic pull-apart moment that I prefer with my grilled cheeses. But ultimately, it tasted pretty good!

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