‘Lit, crazy, movie’: TikTok slang decoded

TikTok has ironically embraced a drunk guy’s description of an epic night out. 

“Lit, crazy, movie,” is the viral soundbite that has caught the internet’s attention. When an influencer decided to interview drunk people at a party, one person’s response, “lit, crazy, movie,” pretty much summed up her experience. Here’s why people can’t stop saying it now. 

What does “lit, crazy, movie” mean on TikTok

TikToker @mia.sullivann interviewed “drunk people” when she struck viral gold. She asked a young man to describe his night in three words. 

“Lit, crazy, movie,” he answered. And the rest is history. 

In this case, the word “movie” is slang for “something epic or well-orchestrated, like a good movie is,” according to Urban Dictionary.  

Most people roasted the response. One person said it was something a “middle schooler” might say. While another dubbed it the “Live. Laugh. Love,” of “dudes.” 

The original sound from the video inspired a new meme where people share things they thought were wild as kids but turned out to be totally tame in retrospect. The audio currently has over 18,000 videos associated with it. 

Examples of the “lit, crazy, movie” meme on TikTok 

“When I was 13 with the homies at the mall walking around for five hours with $20 and the only thing I got was a pretzel,” @drewluvsgilfs wrote in a caption while lip-syncing to “lit, crazy, movie.” 

“Me after my first middle school dance where we did the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance for two hours straight,” @fr1endlyfriend0 said in a video

“Coming home from school after talking to the same three people all day,” TikToker,” @jnssgthr wrote in a video caption.  


then we all deleted it coz we thought it was hacking us 😭 it was sooo fun tho lmao

♬ original sound – miasullivankh

“My after using House Party for those two days in 2020,” @niknok123 said referring to the video chat app. 

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