Little boy demands his dad call him by his actual name: ‘You are on formal terms now’

This little boy’s response to his father calling him “buddy” has viewers losing it all over TikTok


This kid y’all! 😅 And for the record, don’t call him buddy! Call him “charwee!” 😅 #fyp #toddlersoftiktok #mamasboy #lifewithcharlie #momsoftiktok #buddy #funnyvideos

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Names are serious business no matter how old you are. Take it from TikToker and parent Licia (@liciadawn19), whose son Charlie did not take kindly to his father referring to him as “buddy.” Viewers can’t stop cracking up over the toddler’s hilarious reaction

The clip opens with a shot of the adorable toddler standing in his playroom. Having just finished his meal, as indicated by the messy plate and juice box on the round mini table, the little boy looks at his dad, who’s off camera. 

“I gotta go to work, buddy,” Charlie’s father explains.

“K,” the toddler nonchalantly replies, apparently pretending not to hear what his father dared to call him. 

“Hey, buddy,” the toddler’s dad begins to say, clearly pushing his luck. Before his dad can even finish the sentence, the little boy suddenly turns his head to intervene, bellowing, “Don’t call me ‘buddy!’ Call me ‘Charwee,’” at the end of the video.

“He let it slide the first time”

Charlie’s passionate demand for acknowledgment of his independent personhood had both of his parents and viewers in stitches. 

“He’s mad at you for going to work, so you are on formal terms now,” one user joked. 

“He let it slide the first time, but you tried his patience the second time,” mentioned one amused TikToker with a string of laughing emojis

“I have a feeling this one tried calling you by your first name too,” one viewer alleged playfully. 

“I feel ya. I’m no longer allowed to call my youngest ‘baby.’ She wants to be called ‘Miss Scarlett,” shared one parent.

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