TikTok of little boy speeding through park gives viewers a heavy dose of childhood nostalgia

This amusing video of a little boy speeding through a park on his bike is giving viewers Dennis The Menace vibes. 

A TikToker with the username @theeuropeankid was enjoying a sunny spring day, lounging in the Boston Common park in hilly downtown Boston, Massachusetts, when a child careening on a bike down a steep path caught his attention. 

The clip opens with a gorgeous shot of the park with its many large monuments and steep knolls. The theme song to Jackass plays over footage of a little boy racing down the elevated path on a red bike as though he’s in a high-speed chase. 

“Whose kid is this?” the TikTok user asked rhetorically in the clip’s on-screen text. “INCOMING!” the little boy shouts towards any pedestrians ahead of him. 

A group of perplexed bystanders turns their heads, looking at the little boy as he cruises down the path before turning his bike around, ready to perform the stunt once again at the end of the video. 

The humorous clip unleashed a wave of nostalgia amongst viewers. 

“This reminds me of old times when kids were actually riding bikes and not sitting on their phones and playing games,” one user reminisced. 

“That’s how we grew up. Riding down hills with no brakes and yelling, ‘Get out the way,’ [while] making sure the grass was near just in case,” shared one TikToker. 

Others had understandable concerns about the little boy not wearing a helmet

“He is so cute for being so brave, but he definitely needs a helmet,” one viewer cautioned. 

The little boy’s tenacity also had viewers cracking up in the comments.

“I hope his bike has insurance,” commented Jake from State Farm (@jakefromstatefarm).

“He’s on his way to Mr. Wilson’s house,” one TikToker joked, referencing the Dennis The Menace movie, originally based on the classic comic strip. In addition to Boston’s many other tourist attractions, visitors can visit the park for a chance to catch this high-energy kid in action. 

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