This little girl says she’s ‘clocking out’ after a long day at preschool

This parent on TikTok shared a hysterical video of her daughter “clocking out” after a long day at preschool, and viewers of all ages can relate. 

A long day at preschool can feel exhausting even when you’re not the teacher, as shown in TikToker and parent Lindsay Ann’s (@thelindsayann) video of her daughter, Kinsley, “clocking out” from school. 

The clip opens with a shot of Kinsley, sporting a purple shirt and green shorts while carrying a pink toy Minnie Mouse rotary phone and pretending she’s on a call with her father. “Dad, bye, I’m clocking out,” the preschooler says into the handset with a bright blue coiled cord attached to the phone.

“Dad, I’m gonna clock out,” Kinsley repeats, like a seasoned businesswoman, passing the cubbies as she leaves her classroom

The clip then jumps to a few moments later with a shot of Kinsley continuing the phone conversation as she walks purposefully on the sidewalk in front of the school.

“Stay at home! Okay, I’m waiting for you,” Kinsley trills into the phone’s receiver before swinging its blue cord like a lasso and accidentally clonking herself with the phone’s base. 

“Uhhh, gotta go. I’m running late,” Kinsley mentions, undeterred by the phone’s prior technical difficulties. “I am running late,” Kinsley repeats very matter-of-factly, as though she’s on her way to close a deal before the video ends. 

Viewers were cracking up over Kinsley’s no-nonsense phone conversation

“Her voice and diction are adorable,” complimented one user. 

Kid after my own heart,” one TikToker mentioned, while another commented with a series of smiling emojis. 

While Kinsley may only be in preschool, she sure can conduct a phone conversation like any experienced senior manager. Considering Kinsley’s innate gift of the gab, she’s probably an expert when it comes to negotiating her bedtime. 

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