Little girl gets emotional at her military dad’s homecoming: ‘Omg I’m crying harder than she is’

This little girl’s emotional reaction to her military dad’s homecoming had TikTokers tearing up!

Jerri Dawn (@texas_diamond) is the mom of a young daughter and the wife of a soldier in the U.S. military. Jerri recently shared a TikTok video of her daughter’s reaction to her military dad’s homecoming and it’s extremely emotional!

The video begins with Jerri’s daughter standing in a crowd of people, waiting for a group of soldiers to arrive. She is wearing a red, white, and blue dress and has a big red bow in her hair. She holds a sign that says “Welcome Home Daddy” in big bubble letters. 

As Jerri’s daughter waits for the soldiers to arrive, she begins to tear up. When everyone starts cheering and the soldiers begin marching into the open field, she struggles to rein in her emotions. As music blares and the soldiers march, the camera pans back and forth between the soldiers and Jerri’s daughter, as she becomes increasingly teary-eyed.

Finally, the soldiers stop marching. They turn to face the crowd, the music stops playing, and the soldiers break their formation. As the crowd cheers, the group of soldiers breaks apart, and individual soldiers start searching for their family members. 

At this point, Jerri’s daughter begins to sob, as she searches the sea of soldiers for her dad. Finally, Jerri’s daughter sees her dad, and goes running up to him. She jumps into his arms and he gives her a massive hug. 

The emotional video accrued over 2 million views on TikTok and had viewers stifling sobs. 

“I didn’t expect to cry at 8 a.m., but okay,” one viewer wrote.

“I’m not crying, just got something on my eyes,” another TikToker joked. 

Another wrote, “Her crying is making me cry. This is so beautiful. She missed her daddy so much.”

Viewers couldn’t handle the suspense Jerri’s daughter must have been experiencing while waiting for her dad, and applauded her patience. 

One viewer wrote, “Me yelling at my phone: ‘Hurry up and give this girl her dad!’”

Another TikToker commented, “Oh my gosh! The restraint she has not to run up to him when they’re marching in! Blinking so hard not to cry!”

“She was so patient! I would’ve run up right as soon as they marched in if I was her age,” said another enthusiastic viewer.

While Jerri’s husband’s homecoming was clearly an extremely emotional moment, Jerri’s daughter handled it with maturity and patience—and was rewarded with a giant hug from her dad!

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