Little girl leads ‘army’ of ducks in adorable TikTok: ‘She is their new queen’

This TikTok video of a little girl leading a group of ducks through a park is too cute for words!

TikToker Makayla Crane (@makaylaaudrey4) is a parent and content creator who posts clips of fun family moments with her young daughter, Audreyauna. Recently, Crane shared a sweet video of Audreyauna leading a team of ducks during a stroll through the park, and viewers can’t stop gushing over the adorable duck whisperer. 

The clip opens with a shot of Audreyauna, decked out in a raincoat and boots, walking down a park trail close to a beautiful pond. As the little girl makes her way down the path, she pauses briefly before turning around to check on her new group of friends.

“Are you all coming, guys?” Audreyauna asks before the camera pans to reveal a flock of birds trailing behind her. The impressive number of ducks goes back several yards, extending to the parking lot

The hilarious footage of the ducks entering the park from the parking lot humanizes them as a group of families heading to the pound after parking their vehicles. 

“Come on, guys! Come on,” Audreyauna continues calling out to her winged buddies before venturing further into the sun-drenched natural oasis as the video ends. 

Viewers were beyond delighted by the wholesome footage, and Audreyauna’s bond with animals also drew comparisons to Disney princesses. 

“She is their new queen,” one user observed. 

“The army is on the move,” another user wrote.

“I wasn’t expecting her to be rolling that deep with that squad like that,” joked one TikToker. 

“They are going to play the most epic game of Duck, Duck, Goose,” one viewer commented. 

“Is there a tutorial on how she achieved this? Asking for a friend,” inquired one animal lover.
Based on Audreyauna’s rapport with the birds, it’s only a matter of time before she reaches Dr. Dolittle status.

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