Little girl meets her family’s baby goats for the first time

Baby’s first time meeting the family pets is never a dull moment!

A Slovak toddler named Ela Jagnesakova had the pleasure of finally meeting the family’s three baby goats. In the adorable clip, recorded last April, Ela greets the tiny creatures with a bowl of blueberries in the barn. First, Ela softly kisses one of the goats on the head. Then the baby goats sweetly nibble on berries from her hand. But when one of the goats rejects the berry, it doesn’t bother Ela — she just eats it instead. 

“She is very sweet around them and very excited to see them,” Ela’s mother Klaudia Jagnesakova told Newsflare. “She spontaneously kisses them and even offers them her breakfast.”

Goats can make great companions for humans and kids. Pygmy goats, in particular, seem to form strong bonds with children. The curious and friendly creatures are one of the oldest domesticated animals, making them comfortable around humans. As Ela demonstrated, they like attention, petting and being handfed. 

Parents will find children can develop a sense of responsibility when they care for their pet goats. Meanwhile, the creatures also make great learning tools by teaching kids to appreciate animals and the environment early on. It’s no wonder therapy goats are often used to comfort children with special needs.

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