Little girl is not impressed with how babies are born: ‘Ugh, gross’

This dad on TikTok tried to explain how babies are born to his daughter, but she was not having it!

TikToker Glen (@beleafinfatherhood) is a parent and content creator who often shares videos about the ins and outs of being a father and husband. Recently, Glen posted a clip where he explains to his daughter how she was born, and her reaction is priceless. 

The video begins mid-conversation with a shot of Glen’s adorable daughter, sporting a denim jacket and holding a pink water bottle while buckled in the back seat of a car. 

“When the baby comes out, there’s a hole cut in mother’s belly?” Glen asks, clarifying what his daughter just inquired off camera. 

“Yeah, is that true?” she asks, looking puzzled, to which Glen replies, “Sometimes the baby comes through the belly, and sometimes the baby comes through the vagina.”

Upon hearing this information, the little girl’s eyes widen, and she raises her eyebrows in shock.

“I come through my mom’s vagina?” she asks in disbelief, to which Glen soberly confirms,  “Yeah.”

The little girl sits contemplating this notion. Her eyes blink back and forth as she grimaces.

“Ugh gross,” she finally murmurs, presumably wishing she hadn’t asked in the first place.

Glen’s daughter’s response to childbirth had viewers laughing all over TikTok. 

“As a grown woman with a child, that’s how I feel too,” joked one mom.

“Pashina is how it will be referred to from now on,” one user quipped regarding the little girl’s pronunciation of the word vagina

Other viewers applauded Glen for having an honest and factual conversation about how bodies work. 

“Love to see real language and actual knowledge being put forward,” noted one user. 

“I love this! Had to teach my children’s father that we tell the truth and use correct terminology over here,” one parent mentioned. 

It’s inspiring to see parents take an active role by correctly explaining how bodies work to their children, no matter how they came into this world.

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