Woman exposes alleged cheater after noticing suspicious detail in photo

Serena Kerrigan, a dating expert and the self-proclaimed Queen of Confidence, is no stranger to tough conversations about relationships.

She put the man she was dating on blast in a TikTok post, in which she how she seemingly caught him cheating.


Looks like you have some company 👀

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“When the guy you’re dating says he misses you but then you click on the Live Photo,” she wrote in the clip.

A Live Photo is an iPhone feature that captures a three-second clip rather than one still image. It’s helpful when trying to snap the perfect picture — but more than once it has left people shocked by what they’ve uncovered.

At first glance, the photo just looks like a cozy hotel bed with a toy propped up against the pillows. The Live Photo, however, shows the man was not alone at all. There is also a long-haired person laid down on the bed.

“Looks like you have some company,” Kerrigan wrote in her caption.

Commenters were shocked.

“He couldn’t wait 5 seconds for the Live Photo to end?” one user said.

“I would have lost it,” another wrote.

“Oh I’d be in prison,” a third joked.

Some people wondered if the footage was fake, but Kerrigan wrote in the comments that the video was “100%” real.

“Nice stuffed animal bro,” she added.

Another commenter encouraged Kerrigan to listen to what was going on in the clip to get the full story. Live Photos also record audio that you can hear if your ringer is turned on.

It’s probably a good idea to turn the Live Photo feature off whenever you’re sending someone else a photo, lest you get caught making a weird face or something. Cheaters, on the other hand, can feel free to leave it on.

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