Woman catches man rolling his eyes while taking photo

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a Live Photo is worth at least 2.8 million views.

TikTok user @dianenoel91 shared footage of her partner rolling his eyes that she captured with her iPhone’s Live Photo feature, which records a three-second moving image.

The brief video showed the man smiling and posing before his cheerful face abruptly became a scowl.

“My partner sick of my s***, live photo catches everything,” @dianenoel91 wrote in her caption.

Nearly 3 million people have viewed the post since it was shared April 28.

Commenters were divided over whether this was a reasonable reaction from the man or not.

“Sis, do we even have to tell you,” one user wrote, including a red flag emoji to imply that the man’s actions are concerning.

“This lowkey scared me,” another said.

“It’s not a red flag. Some people just hate taking photos. He’s doing it for her, doesn’t mean he likes it,” a third wrote.

“It could be a red flag, or he may just not like taking pictures or maybe he’s just had a bad day,” one user summarized.

Regardless of his motive, let this be a lesson to everyone who happens upon it — if you’re going to catch an attitude during a photoshoot, you might wanna make sure the cameras are no longer rolling before revealing your true feelings.

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