Living room security camera captures emotional mom’s wild pregnancy cravings in full swing: ‘I hate my life!’

A mom-to-be’s overwhelming pregnancy cravings took her husband hostage in the middle of the night — and her living room security camera captured every hilarious moment.

Mom and TikToker Paige Wright (@paigeroniwright) gained over 17 million views and nearly 20,000 comments when she posted the surveillance footage online.

Now, just like the Ring camera that captured a mom’s out-of-control experience on a riding lawn mower, Paige’s footage is cracking up TikTokers around the world.

In the video, Paige explains, “My pregnancy craving for pie got caught on our security system. Poor Cody…”

Unfortunately for Paige (and her husband Cody), her pie wasn’t ready yet, meaning her powerful cravings couldn’t be satiated.

But that didn’t stop Cody from trying! The desperate father-to-be scrambled to find other substitutes for the mom’s taste buds.

“I have Kit Kats… Reese’s Cups… Reese’s Sticks… Reese’s Take 5,” he cried out.

“None of it’s the same!” Paige replied, full of anguish. “I’m so sad.”

“What do I do?!” the distraught father called out.

While we’ll never know what exactly Cody did to comfort his pregnant wife, it’s clear that their hilarious security footage resonated with families around the world.

Preggo cravings are no joke!’

Nearly 20,000 TikTokers came forward to share their reactions to the couple’s food woes.

Even the official TikTok account for Kit Kat weighed in. “Think Cody is the one who needs a break,” the candy bar company commented.

Other users praised Cody for his dedication to making his wife happy. “This is the cutest thing ever! What a good hubby!” one user wrote.

Many other TikTokers, however, shared their own experiences with powerful cravings and the unexpected emotions they can inspire.

“I was pregnant during Thanksgiving last year. I cried the day before because I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving food, and the day after because it was over,” one mom wrote.

“My wife cried driving home after shopping because the groceries were in the back, and she couldn’t eat any of it,” shared one husband.

“Preggo cravings are no joke! I woke up at 3 in the morning wanting chicken nuggets from Wendy’s and cried myself back to sleep. I feel bad for my hubby,” another parent shared.

“I once BAWLED my eyes out and cried until I couldn’t breathe… over bacon. My husband just stared at me,” one mom commented.

“I remember I had a really strong craving for tacos, and when they got delivered an hour later, they were so small, and I was so upset [that] I cried,” another parent recalled.

“I cried during my second pregnancy because my dad brought me mild wings and not mild with lemon pepper sprinkle,” wrote one mom.

We may never know what Paige ate that fateful night or if she ever got to enjoy that pie, but at least we can all enjoy a good chuckle over her hilarious footage.

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