Local pizzeria owner is not impressed by Domino’s hack

When it comes to next-day pizza, consumers are left with a decision. Eat the slice cold (Editor’s note: The correct choice) or pop it in the microwave and suffer a soggy, lukewarm eating experience.

According to a blog post from Domino’s Australia, there’s a way to work around the miserable reheating process.

“To prevent a soggy slice, add a half-full cup of water to the microwave with your pizza and heat for around 30 seconds. Crispiness not guaranteed, but worth a shot,” the post reads.

This is not a new theory, but it’s divided the internet. A YouTube channel for Handyman Magazine tried to push the hack as a way to “perfectly” reheat pizza in the morning, but commenters were having none of it.

“Nonsense,” one commenter posted. “I did this and it does not work.”

“Made the pizza worse,” another person replied.

It’s worth noting that the YouTube comments section may not be the best place to source real feedback, considering someone thought the biggest flaw in the reheating hack was, “Glass in the microwave??” (It is safe to microwave glass, just not metal.)

Nino Martinez, the owner of Milly’s Pizza in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn told The Post that he completely disagreed with Domino’s theory.

“You put it in the microwave? Forget about that,” he said. “Whatever you put in the microwave becomes soggy.”

Martinez went as far to say that he “hates microwaves” and that when he first opened Milly’s Pizza he threw out all the microwaves.

A culinary trick from Domino’s Japan is to cut off the crusts of leftover pizza and turn them into homemade churros. Fry them up in butter in a pan and add icing sugar, and you’ve got a sweet and salty snack.

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