Locals ban together to recover pickup truck that drove off cliff

This is what it looks like when ordinary people step up to solve a problem. 

A community in northern Thailand banned together to help a driver whose car plummeted down a steep ravine. During a rainstorm, the unidentified driver skidded off the mountain road. Although he only suffered a few minor cuts, his pickup truck was stranded 262 feet down. He didn’t want to pay for a pricey recovery service, so he asked nearby residents for assistance instead. 

About 100 villagers from a local hill tribe showed up to help. An onlooker captured footage of the compassionate moment on July 1. The group distributed the weight of the vehicle by attaching five ropes to it.

In the clip, clusters of residents, still dressed in everyday clothes, tug on each string. Miraculously, within only a few seconds, they manage to pull the pickup truck back onto the road. The car was later pushed away to be repaired. 

It really does take a village. 

“It was such a kind and generous thing for the tribal people to do,” one of the onlookers, Mae, told Newsflare. “They did not even know the victim, but they wanted to help.”

The hill tribes of Thailand are descendants of migrants from Laos, China and Myanmar who settled in northern Thailand hundreds of years ago. Despite their small populations, these subsistence farmers have adapted their cultural traditions to the ever-changing world for centuries. Thus, it’s no surprise that in a moment of distress, these villagers quickly came together to find a solution.

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