Over 12,000 shoppers love Lodge’s affordable Dutch oven

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When it comes to shopping for cookware, quality is key. But sometimes that quality comes with a price that’s just too much to justify.

If you’ve ever dreamt about coming home to cabinets full of Le Creuset cookware and accessories, we know how that dream can seem like a distant reality because of the brand’s hefty price points.

But if you’re looking for classic cast iron pieces to use for your recipes, Lodge is a more affordable option, which also happens to be a trusted favorite among Amazon shoppers.

It’s a favorite for a reason. Since 1896, Lodge has been creating heirloom-quality cookware that’s known for both its durability and versatility. One of its cult-favorite items is a must-have for your kitchen.

Labeled as the No. 1 best seller for Dutch ovens on Amazon, Lodge’s cast iron Dutch oven is famous for its unparalleled heat retention that allows for even cooking.

This multi-use piece can not only be used to sauté or simmer on your stovetop, but it’s oven-safe to broil, braise, bake or roast up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And after cooking, it makes a great piece to serve food in and can then be used in the refrigerator to store leftovers.

Shop: Lodge 7.5-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $80.90

Credit: Amazon

This workhouse of a kitchen accessory is loved by so many shoppers, it’s not only joined the top spot in the Dutch oven category, but it’s garnered 6,400 five stars.

One customer who put their Lodge Dutch oven to the test over 15 months said, “It’ll be around long after I’m gone.”

“Knowing that enamel is very easy to chip, I treat it like it is glass,” he continued. “I take extra care not to use metal utensils in them and never soak them in water for long periods of time before cleaning.”

Another satisfied shopper who recently replaced their old cookware with high-quality pieces wished they would have bought the Dutch oven sooner.

“It is nothing like using regular pots,” the reviewer said. “I don’t have to turn my burners up as high, it heats so evenly — no hotspots, no burning, no cold centers.”

And if you’re not convinced yet, one shopper even said, “It’ll be your best friend for life.”

“The quality is superb, and the metal is heavy but practical,” the customer continued. “I used it to bake artisan-style bread a couple times, and the results were just as if I had put my bread in a brick oven.”

But when you opt for any piece of Lodge’s cast iron cookware, it’s important to know how to take care of it to make it last.

How to clean a Lodge cast iron Dutch oven

After use, be sure to allow the piece to cool before beginning to wash. And while the Dutch oven is dishwasher-safe, hand-washing is preferred. You should use warm soapy water with a nylon scrub brush, which ensures the cookware’s original appearance will be preserved.

If you have an excessive amount of food residue, be sure to only use a nylon pad as metal pads or utensils will scratch and chip porcelain. And it’s worth noting that citrus-based cleaners are not recommend as they can dull the exterior gloss.

If there are some pesky stains that just won’t budge, you can also try using Lodge’s enamel cleaner that comes in a handy care kit.

If you’ve been wanting to test out bread-making or other recipes that call for roasting or sautéing, it’s clear that the Lodge cast iron Dutch oven is your best bet.

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