Lofi Girl has a new friend named Synthwave Boy, and a woman on TikTok is breaking down the Lofi Lore

If you were a student in the last five years, then it’s likely you may have stumbled upon — or at the very least heard of — the French YouTube channel “Lofi Girl.” Well, it seems Lofi Girl has made a new friend, and one woman has taken to TikTok to break down the Lofi Girl lore.

Over the last few days, dedicated Lofi Girl streamer @hoewhite93 has documented the mystery surrounding the Lofi Girl YouTube channel. Lofi Girl, for those unfamiliar, is a 24/7 livestream of hip-hop “beats to relax/study to” established in 2017. The channel gets its name from the animation of a girl studying.


Come down this rabbit hole with me. What do you think?? #lofigirl #rabbithole #lofiworld #chillhop #conspiracy

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“So last night, April 10th, Lofi Girl is gone from her chair. So is the cat. But before that, this little blue light was blinking,” @hoewhite93 begins, referencing a flickering blue apartment light seen through Lofi Girl‘s bedroom window. At one point during the stream, Lofi Girl looks out her window after noticing the blue light — which @hoewhite93 notes is odd, given that she’s always looking at her computer.

The flickering light, we learn, is Morse code for a website called lofiworld.com.

“We also get the hint that this is what she’s been working on the whole time,” @hoewhite93 says. “Because every time we see her, she’s typing on the computer. We just assume it’s, like, homework or something. No, this whole time she has been working on a website called Lofi World dot com.”

Lofi Girl then teases the launch of her website. The image of Lofi Girl‘s cursor hovering on the “Launch” button precedes an image of an unfamiliar bedroom. @hoewhite93 also calls attention to a countdown clock and the fact that April 11 is circled on the calendar.

“I listen to Lofi Girl every single day,” @hoewhite93 says. “I’m all of a sudden deep in this lore that I didn’t even know existed…I think it’s going to be a way to introduce a new either character or a new setting.”

What’s behind the door?

The Lofi Girl and Lofi World mystery ended on April 11, with the introduction of a new character: Synthwave Boy.


Thanks for all who joined the live! Ill update when i get on the website! #lofigirl @lofigirl

♬ original sound – HoeWhite🍎

“And there you have it,” @hoewhite93 says. “They started a new stream. This one is synthwave music, so we still have Lofi Girl…but it’s just two streams now.” Fans also saw Synthwave Boy from Lofi Girl‘s perspective at the exact time the countdown ended.

“It’s even muffled like we’re listening through a window,” @hoewhite93 adds.


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♬ original sound – HoeWhite🍎

“Are they going to fall in lofi love?”

Fans of Lofi Girl couldn’t contain their excitement following the introduction of Synthwave Boy. Some believe that Lofi Girl and Synthwave Boy could make the perfect pair.

“Here for this lofi loveeeeee!!! PEOPLE ARE SOOO DOPE! Don’t let the world convince us otherwise. We are ART!” @millenial_hypepriestess said.

“This is so sentimental. Having listens to lofi girl since college to tradition to lofi boy as an adult. I’m screaming,” @dearestcasss wrote.

“Are they going to fall in lofi love?” @annie_willis_ asked.

The Lofi Girl lore took dedicated, longtime listeners on a whirlwind mystery that ended with a triumphant new addition. For many of us, Lofi Girl was a staple in our college-listening repertoire. Synthwave Boy‘s introduction could mark the beginning of a new chapter — and a departure from one we’ve long loved.

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