Logan Paul defends Harry Styles in unusually thoughtful interview

I bet nobody had this on their 2020 bingo card.

In an unusual twist, Logan Paul — who is generally in the spotlight for something controversial — is making headlines for defending Harry Styles’s Vogue magazine cover.

Styles was featured on the cover of Vogue’s December issue and stirred up controversy by being photographed in a dress. Some inexplicably found an issue with the photoshoot and claimed it was “a threat to masculinity.”

Two of the those who had issues with Styles wearing a dress were Mike Majlak and George Janko, Paul’s co-hosts on his podcast, Impaulsive.

“You see Harry Styles wearing a dress, and your immediate thought is, ‘Wow, this guy’s a real gangster’?” Majlak asked Paul during a recent episode.

“Yep. Yep. Because I’m all about challenging social norms,” Paul says.

Then, in an exchange from the episode that went viral on Twitter, Paul stood his ground against his co-hosts.

“It ain’t manly bro,” Janko says.

“Bro, why?” Paul replies. “What is manly to you? What does it mean? Isn’t ‘manly’ to be comfortable in your own skin and be confident in who you are?”

It’s a very thoughtful response from someone who once filmed a YouTube video in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.

Within seconds, Janko flipped the conversation and essentially gaslit Paul by saying that he was getting “angry at his opinion” and how that “wasn’t fair.”

Paul, miraculously, continued to maneuver through the conversation like a champ.

“I’m listening to you telling me you don’t want to judge people while watching you judge people, so yeah. I’m not getting angry, but I’m calling you out for your flaw,” he explained.

“So now I have a flaw for my opinion?” Janko asked.

“[It’s] your lack of logic,” Paul responds. “Do I look angry to you? I’m telling you your lack of logic will lose you the argument.”

Janko then tried to articulate that it’s because he doesn’t understand Styles wearing a dress because he “didn’t grow up watching men in dresses.”

But watching Paul is an interesting lesson in how people can have constructive conversations with their friends about gender norms.

“Opinions aren’t free from criticism,” a Twitter user said in reply to the clip. “Logan isn’t attacking dude’s freedom to have an opinion he was attacking the content of the opinion.”

“He’s still canceled,” another added regarding Paul. “But yeah, he’s right for once.”

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