Logic talks about his tense history with Joe Budden

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Logic has spoken out about the years of criticism he’s received from rapper-turned-podcast-host Joe Budden. Budden once described Logic as “easily one of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone” on his podcast.

After Logic recently announced his retirement and final album “No Pressure,” Budden said he “should’ve retired a long time ago.”

On the August 3 episode of “For the Record with Genius,” Logic spoke about how Budden’s comments have hit him hard over the years even though the pair have “never even met” and he “doesn’t really know what [Budden’s] issue is.”

“I think we all know Joe saying I’m the worst MC to ever grace the microphone is just … come on. Joe is getting his numbers. Whatever,” Logic said. “That’s that kind of harsh, angry, take on everything. That’s the s*** that I don’t really f*** with. But regarding his opinion, it’s his opinion. Though I may not agree with it, I respect his opinion and I respect him having that.”

In another recent interview with Hot 97, Logic admitted that Budden’s comments had led to mental health issues.

“He’s a person who’s led to part of my depression, some of my darkest spaces,” he said.

Since that interview with Hot 97, Budden has since apologized to Logic on his podcast.

“I’m sorry man,” Budden says on the latest episode. “Last week, I came in here feeling pretty tumultuous. Fresh out of Twitter jail, unable to properly read the room. And just hating myself and life, honestly. Unfortunately, I projected some of that onto you, Log. And for that, I want to apologize.”

Logic has not commented on the apology.

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