Surveillance camera captures lonely pit bull curling up with owner’s shoe while they’re away

This pit bull didn’t know the cameras were rolling when she got cozy with her owner’s shoe. 

The user pietradolce posted the viral clip in Reddit’s “Aww” forum, where it received over 98,000 upvotes. A pit bull was caught on the family’s surveillance cameras getting up to some major adorableness on the sofa.

“Surveillance camera catching a dog taking their owner’s shoe when they are not in the house and sleeping beside it,” the caption read

“My dog helps himself to a bag of chips and farts all day,” someone joked

“The way he tucks his head into it kills me. We don’t deserve dogs,” a person commented

“When dogs chew on your shoes, it’s because they miss you. One of mine used to destroy her mom’s shoes all the time when she traveled,” another wrote

The original video is actually a 2018 video of Lexy, a senior pit bull, who’s popular on Instagram with 141,000 followers. 

“As seen on secret ‘Lexy Cam’ this morning. After first thoroughly destroying the nice pile of folded blankets on the sofa immediately after we left, she disappeared down the hallway. [She] then reappeared with her dad’s shoe for a cuddle. Oh my heart,” the caption read

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