What to consider before ending a long-distance relationship

Deshon is in a long-distance relationship but isn’t sure if he should stay in it. 

Thorgy Thor and Jujubee help Deshon determine when “enough is enough” in this episode of Love Hotline. 

“Nothing is enough for my long-distance girlfriend,” Deshon said. “I went to go see her because we were getting kind of serious and while there we kinda got into it, we argued. So my question is, should I stay?” 

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Deshon said he is happy when it’s good, but that doesn’t usually last very long. 

“If this is a long-distance relationship and you feel like you’re constantly fighting, I feel like that’s a sign for you to not stay in this relationship,” Jujubee said. 

Jujubee also wondered how it was possible to be fighting with someone so far away. Thorgy joked Deshon should just hang up the phone

“Enough is enough. If you’re not getting what you want and you’re fighting all the time. Get out of there!” Thorgy said. 

“Don’t take a dozen red flags as pink roses. It’s just not it,” Jujubee added. 

The duo felt at the end of the day, Deshon deserved a less tumultuous relationship. 

“Even in the couple of minutes we’ve been talking you seem like a lovely, smart, cool guy that deserves the best,” Thorgy said. 

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