‘Long Island Medium’ star Victoria Caputo reflects on a decade of coming of age on reality TV

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Victoria Caputo grew up not only with a medium for a mother, but also did so in front of reality TV cameras. The 28-year-old was 16 when Long Island Medium premiered on TLC, documenting her mother Theresa’s career as a medium, and she appeared on the show throughout its nearly decade-long run (it ended in 2019).

In the newest episode of In The Know’s Growing Up Reality With Brooks Marks, Caputo opened up to host Brooks Marks, whose mother is The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks, about her unusual upbringing.

“Life has been pretty normal [since the show ended]. It’s a little bit more calm, but still hectic and definitely still crazy,” she said. “When people are like, ‘What is it like? You being on TV?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know! That’s what I grew up with.’ That’s normal for me. That’s my normal. People are also like, ‘What about your mom speaking to dead people?’ That’s [also] normal, but it’s hard for people to understand.”

As she explained to Marks, having a mother with a spiritual gift is the only experience that she knows and has always just been a natural part of her life.

“From what I can remember growing up, I’ve always known my mom to talk to dead people. That was my life. I would come home from school, she’d be reading whoever, I’d go up to my room, and when she was done I could come back downstairs,” Caputo explained. “You know how in school people would always ask you what your parents do? I would just say that my mom is a stay-at-home mom.”

Not everything about coming of age for everyone to watch on television was easy, though. While Caputo looks back at her time on reality TV mostly with fondness, there were certain aspects of being picked apart by viewers that she struggled with.

“I’m going to be 28 now, so for 10 years this is what I’ve known. Nobody knows how difficult and challenging it really is. I try to keep my confidence and everything up the best I can and ignore all the hate,” she said. “When I was 16, I had major anxiety. It was a very, very severe where I couldn’t leave my house. I lost 35 pounds, and it was very debilitating. Then I started gaining weight and people started commenting, ‘You’re fat! You’re a pig! You’re this, you’re that!’ It really took a toll on me.”

One thing that everyone wants to know from her is something that she plays coy about: whether or not she inherited her mother’s abilities to speak to dead people as a medium.

“I would say they don’t skip a generation, but…” she teased on Growing Up Reality. “This is hard, because I feel like I’m navigating. Usually I can feel someone’s emotions or ailments or pains — things like that. I can also do a little bit of what my mom does. I normally don’t share that with anybody; I like to keep that kind of quiet.”

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