Photo of the longest hallway in America has Reddit talking

A photo of the longest hallway in America is going viral on Reddit’s “Mildly Interesting” forum. 

The 907-foot corridor is located in the Boca Raton Innovation Campus, where the Reddit poster claims to work. The hallway is longer than the Golden Gate Bridge, which is 746 feet tall, the Statue of Liberty, which is 305 feet tall, and the Gateway Arch, which is 630 feet tall. That sure is a lot of terrain to cross at work. 

“I work in the building with the longest hallway in America,” the Redditor wrote in a caption. 

“Plan is for my coworker and me to take a walk down it tomorrow morning. The sign was just put up today. We walk by it every day but had no idea,” they added

The photo showed the long hall, which didn’t appear to end. It also featured a plaque with the superlative “longest hallway in America.” Unsurprisingly, the Boca Ration Innovation Campus is the largest office building in Florida, with 1.7 million square feet spread over 123 acres. 

“Please tell me you have an annual office chair race,” a user commented

“Prolongs the awkward moment of walking toward someone else. Nice,” another joked

“Fun times when you go all the way to the end and remember you forgot something back in the car,” someone wrote

The building was designed by Marcel Breuer and was first occupied by IBM as a research and development campus. In 2018, CP Group purchased the building for $170 million to convert it into a mixed-use office space. The building is now home to numerous office amenities, including seven restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, a gym, day care, a spa and hiking trails. 

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