‘Look how beautiful I am!’ A Brooklyn-based influencer captures a sweet and impromptu interaction with her ‘fav grocery store worker’ on video

Does an impromptu interaction get sweeter than this?

Brooklyn-based influencer Molly Fritz (@molly_fritz) has put smiles on users’ faces with a wholesome TikTok video. Dressed to the nines for a work event, Molly visits her local grocery store. Unexpectedly, she sees her “fav grocery store worker” while her camera is rolling.


I love this little life I’ve built here

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“Hi! Look how beautiful I am,” Molly says to the grocery clerk. Her face lights up with excitement. “Do you like?”

The clerk asks her where she’s going, to which she responds, “I’m going to a big party in the city for work.” Per her Instagram, Molly works at Glow Recipe. He proceeds to compliment each part of her outfit.

“I like your dress color and shoes… Yeah, I love it. I love it,” the clerk says. “Those too,” he says about her earrings.

(For those wanting dress deets, Molly is wearing a magenta gown from Anthropologie.)

As if the interaction couldn’t get any sweeter, the grocery clerk even snaps some pictures of Molly in her glamorous outfit.

“‘Look how beautiful I am!!’ reminds me of how we used to talk about ourselves when we were little girls”

The video racked up more than 1.6 million views. In addition to loving how wholesome the interaction was, commenters praised Molly for her attitude and energy.

“One day I wanna be like you and say ‘Look how beautiful I am’ out loud,” wrote one commenter.

“Your face lit up! You seem so sweet,” said another.

“‘Look how beautiful I am!!’ reminds me of how we used to talk about ourselves when were little girls,” someone replied.

Molly, who has over 36,000 TikTok followers, often posts videos revolving around her day-to-day adventures in New York City. This grocery store interaction is just one of many sweet moments of her life she shared on the platform.

Going forward, we have every intention of incorporating that “look how beautiful I am” type of self-love.

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