Footage of a Disney child star’s awkward red carpet interview has TikTok ‘cracking up’

Lizzie McGuire star’s throwback interview has TikTok rolling with laughter. 

You may remember the titular star’s pipsqueak little brother Matt McGuire, played by Jake Thomas. In 2001, Thomas did a red carpet interview at the premiere of the animated film Osmosis Jones. Reporter Rachael Fedder asked him what he looked forward to most in the movie. Now 20 years later, his answer has spawned a viral meme. 

Jake Thomas’ Osmosis Jones interview 

“What are you looking forward to most about this film?” Fedder asked him.

“I think I’m looking forward to cracking up,” the young Thomas answered, earnestly. “I hope I can, you know, totally crack up. I haven’t cracked up in a long time.” 

What kid doesn’t want to bust a gut at a movie premiere? Thomas’ relatable answer now has people nostalgic for the things that cracked them up as kids. Including the now 31-year-old actor. 

TikTok is cracking up


after 20 years I finally have the answer you’ve all been waiting for #crackup

♬ Cracking Up – Jake Thomas

“After 20 years, I finally have the answer you’ve all been waiting for,” Thomas said in a TikTok with the interview. “I did.” 

“Honestly though, I had completely forgotten that this interview even happened, but I was highly entertained when I saw it on a trending tweet. Red carpet interviews are tough as an adult, let alone as an 11-year-old,” Thomas told Newsweek.

“I love all the videos people have made using the sound, 11-year-old me made a total mood, and I’m here for it,” he added.

TikTokers then took Thomas’ “craking up” audio and ran with it. 

“Eight-year-old me when the priest starts singing instead of talking in the middle of mass,” @mustardisspicey wrote in a caption

“When someone starts to sing during a school assembly,” @lilyrspam said lip-syncing to the audio.

“Me at 10 years old after someone made this face,” the user @snorkelingdonkey said before tucking in her top lip to expose her teeth. 

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