What does ‘looted’ mean on TikTok?

TikTokers are just straight-up inventing words now — like “looted.” Thanks to one creator’s popular videos, you can now welcome the word “loot” into your lexicon. 

The term “loot” is quickly rising in popularity. Currently, the #loot hashtag has over 439.6 million views. While “loot” usually refers to goods or stolen goods from an enemy of war, on social media it means something completely different. 

What does “loot” mean on TikTok?

Loot refers to someone’s “drip” as in their fashionable style. The user @aidenwey explains that looking “looted” means looking “drippy” much like the slang word’s inventor @chasinn.loot.

Who is @chasinn.loot on TikTok? 

Tiktoker @chassin.loot has 1.4 million TikTok followers and 72,000 Instagram followers. Born on Mar. 3, 2003, he is currently 18 years old and resides in Florida. He joined TikTok in January 2020 and has since amassed a following with his comedic lip-sync and fashion videos. He often wears golden teeth grills. 

While it’s unclear when @chasinn.loot popularized “loot,” it’s obvious the word is ingratiated into his fan culture. 


Had to try this lu spinny thing out 🤣🔥 @selfiewrld #kingvon #loot #vibe #wastetime #GossipGirlHere

♬ ꨄ – ꨄ

Much of @chasinn.loot’s videos are similar. He lip-syncs to a rap song in front of a rotating camera rocking his signature street style. Yet, the comments speak for themselves.

“So much loot you giving my headaches,” a user commented

“This is looted,” one person said

“New looted, unlocked,” another wrote

“Y’all wanted proper loot,” he captioned a video. The influencer then proceeded to lip-sync to audio of TikToker @runuppercy singing in his car. The loot pioneer danced in a parking lot while sporting a white button-down tucked into black jeans. 

“You stay looted,” someone responded

“He’s so looted” a person wrote

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