Los Angeles resident records the exact moment her bedroom ceiling collapses during storm in California: ‘It’s giving Schitt’s Creek’

In recent weeks, Southern California has been rocked by a vicious winter storm that brought historic amounts of snow and rain to surrounding areas. In fact, just last week the National Weather Service in Los Angeles issued a blizzard warning. It is the city’s first since 1989.

Naturally, California-based TikTok users have shared footage of what’s been happening in their state.

Take, for example, Los Angeles resident Christiana Divona (@christianadivona), who filmed the exact moment her bedroom ceiling came crashing down during the storm.

“I was sound asleep when I woke up to water dripping on me… jumped outta bed and started filming with seconds to spare,” reads the caption of her video. As the famous tin whistle at the beginning of “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion fades in, we watch, as Christiana’s bedroom ceiling breaks open.


I was sound asleep when I woke up to water dripping on me…jumped outta bed and started filming with seconds to spare 😱 #losangelesrain #californiastorm2023 #fy

♬ My Heart Will Go On (Titanic) – Maliheh Saeedi & Faraz Taali

Water drips through the precariously long crack in her ceiling. Suddenly, the ceiling crashes down onto her bed.

In a follow-up clip, Christina shows the state of her room the following day. Her bed frame is stained with residue from the ceiling.

“I know that room used to be peaceful as hell with those windows”

Commenters can’t believe what they watched — and what Christiana managed to capture on camera.

“thanks for reminding me i need to get renters insurance,” wrote @spicycedric.

“The fact that you got this on camera,” said @kneecolejones22.

“It’s giving Schitt’s creek,” said @estoyunbozo.

“I know that room used to be peaceful as hell with those windows,” wrote @ddash_.

Christiana wasn’t the only Angeleno having a tough time during the storm. Influencer Morgan Yates (@morganlyates) showcased the real heroes: Los Angeles valets. In her video, a valet walks through the flooded streets with a woman on his back.


“Lol hope they tipped,” said @noeminicole0.

“The fact that people go out in this weather is crazy,” said @johannafalk26.

“I’m screaming,” wrote @britneydelsol.

While many Southern California residents have documented the treacherous consequences of the storm, others have found ways to celebrate it.

Jordan (@canyonmooncowgirl) pretended she lived in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the fictional town featured in Gilmore Girls.

“Wait it’s so weird to see snow and palm trees at the same time,” wrote @lifeof.lori.

“I SMELL SNOW,” wrote @lcrv20.

“snow on palm trees look like it would be an album cover,” commented @simonyagubyan.

Unfortunately, the state of California isn’t out of the woods just yet. According to the Los Angeles Times, “above-normal chances of precipitation” are expected through March. Colder temperatures are also likely. Luckily, these TikTok users have made light of their situations.

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