‘Lost’ AirPod found on stairs turns out to be ‘evil’ prank

If you find yourself wandering the streets of San Francisco, do yourself a favor and ignore any lost AirPods you may happen upon.

Artist Pablo Rochat has been leaving decoy Apple AirPods all over the city’s streets to trick hapless pedestrians into thinking they’ve struck gold, in a prank that some have found amusing and others have slammed as “pure evil.”

To execute the dastardly deed, Rochat printed out life-size stickers of the pricey gadget and stuck them on the ground in various high-traffic spots around the California city.

After the dubious stickers were in place, Rochat waited with a camera — and the results are pretty hysterical.

In one particularly great clip of the prank in action, two men can be seen stopping to pick up one of the fake AirPods, which was stuck in the middle of a glass staircase.

While one man simply walks off after realizing he has been duped, the second sticks around to videotape himself touching the sticker, clearly appreciating the brilliance behind the scheme.

Naturally, people on Twitter are having mixed reactions to the ruse.

“Almost as good (bad?) as the fake electrical outlet stickers at the airport,” one man wrote, referencing a similar and equally iconic act of sheer mischief. 

Two users summed up the entire saga with perfect quotes from “The Dark Knight”and “Powerpuff Girls.” 

If you’re looking to carry out a copycat prank in your city, then you’re in luck — Rochat is currently offering a downloadable version of the 2D Airpods for free on his website.

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