Louisiana artist SSGKobe filters his emotions through his melodic style of rap

SSGKobe is a rapper from small-town Louisiana whose unique, vulnerable style of hip hop is making big moves in the music world, helping him garner a loyal fanbase of fans who connect with the emotional throughlines of the music. Making It—a co-production between In The Know and Complex—sat down with SSGKobe to discuss his signature sound, as well as how his deep connection with his fans helps shape his artistry. 

“I first got into music because my cousins were making music, and they were making it from their house at like, a home studio,” says the rapper. “It was a pretty simple setup, so I was like ‘I want to try that.’ So I tried it and I just kept going with it and yeah, I’m here now.”

SSGKobe is from the small town of Centerville, Louisiana. “It’s very small,” he says. “Our population is 500. I mean, everybody knows everybody so it’s cool.”

While SSGKobe appreciates the tight-knit community of his hometown, he felt hesitant to share his music at first, because most people in Centerville preferred a different style of rap.

“I was very shy about my art just because growing up in Louisiana, people don’t really listen to like, that emotional or even like, that heavily auto-tuned type of rap,” says SSGKobe. “It’s usually like, gangster rap type sound. And I wasn’t making that. So like, of course people from my school [weren’t] going to like it, especially because it’s new.”

SSGKobe refers to his sound as “very euphoric,” adding that his music gives him “happy feelings.” His music is a blend of catchy and emotional, both highly listenable and consistently relatable. 

“I really just wanted it to be like, such an addicting sound,” says the rapper. “I also want to have it where people can feel different vibes and emotions through my music, and to know like, they’re not alone in certain situations.”

To SSGKobe, the partnership between him and his fans transcends the traditional artist-fan relationship. He takes pride in being approachable, and wants to maintain the personal, emotional connections that he seeks to create with his music. 

“I tell them all the time they can come talk to me about whatever’s going on, because I know what it feels like to talk to your favorite artists or someone you listen to. It doesn’t feel real, It’s very exciting,” says SSGKobe.

SSGKobe values his fans to the point that he welcomes their perspectives from a creative angle as well, allowing their energy to influence his music. 

“If my supporters [are] lit, then I’m gonna be like ten times that,” he says. “We feed off each other’s energy. I think that’s how it should be and I appreciate that my supporters are like that.”

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