‘Love Hotline’ goes over relationship dealbreakers

Caller Sean is looking for love — and he came to the right place.

“Love Hotline” hosts Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are here to help Sean overcome his pickiness when it comes to dates. Yes, dealbreakers are okay and can happen, but how much should they factor into a relationship?

“I wanted to ask if you truly believe there’s one person you fall in love with,” Sean asked the pair. “I’m a huge lover, I just love meeting people and having fun.”

After a couple of jokes about Sean being a twin and Jujubee and Thorgy being single, they all get down to business: Figuring out why it’s so hard for Sean to settle down and meet someone.

“Sean, we’re sitting here chatting with you,” Jujubee says. “It’s like, we’ve known you forever. I feel like it’s really easy for you to talk to people.”

“I know,” Sean responds. “I see it happening, I see it happening. I feel a connection, I swear.”

“Between … Me and you?” Thorgy Thor jokes. “Thank you so much, Sean.”

After Sean hangs up, Jujuebee and Thorgy head to their mailbox to answer an anonymous dating question.

“I’m obsessed with my new boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend,” Jujubee reads. “They’re still friends and it makes me insecure. Should I give an ultimatum?”

To find out how Jujubee and Thorgy answer — PLUS to hear the rest of their conversation of Sean — watch the full, hilarious episode of In The Know’s Love Hotline above.

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