‘Love Hotline’: How to stop dating unavailable people

In this season’s final episode, Dean dials in to ask Jujubee and Thorgy Thor advice. He’s looking for the man of his dreams, but everyone he falls for is getting in the way.

“Why do I only fall in love with straight men who are married with kids,” Dean asks.

Immediately, Jujubee asks him: “Do you have daddy issues?”

Girl,” Dean responds. “Maybe.”

“If you’re attracted to maybe stability or someone who’s masculine and stable, you have to find a gay man who is also masculine — does that make sense?” Thorgy explains to Dean.

“Okay, but I feel like all the gay men who are masculine are, like, the type to be dating themselves,” Dean says.

“Where are you meeting all these men with wives and children?” Thorgy asks.

Church,” Jujubee jokes.

“Literally everywhere,” Dean answers. “I just feel like whenever I see a straight man it’s like my mating call.”

“I think you’re asking for trouble. You’re that clown who’s asking to break up a happy marriage!” Thorgy says. “You’re dealing with the devil here.”

Dean admits he’s never actually dated a guy.

“I’m going to challenge you,” Thorgy replies. “In the next six months, would you just open up your horizons and maybe go on, let’s say, four dates with four random gay men. And then just see what happens.”

“Here are the rules,” Jujubee explains. “Stop looking for straight men who are married, go on dates, and just be you — because I find you very enjoyable and very handsome.”

Dean hangs up feeling better and with a to-do list to achieve in the next few months.

Jujubee and Thorgy finally get to their favorite part of the show: Reading anonymous love letters. Today’s letter comes from someone whose boyfriend is perfect in every way — except he has a lot of attractive female friends. Should they be concerned?

To find out, watch the full and final episode of ‘Love Hotline’ above.

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