‘Love Hotline’: How to stop ghosting people

Today’s caller is Amy, a chronic ghoster who doesn’t know how to stop. Can Jujubee and Thorgy convince her to change her ways?

“It seems as though with dating apps and all those things, I’ve become somewhat of serial ghoster,” Amy explains. “And I’m not sure, really, what to do about that.”

“How many people have you ghosted?” Thorgy asks Amy.

“I don’t know if there’s a number,” Amy replies. “I just don’t like the rejection thing. I don’t like to tell someone I’m not interested.”

“Well, how do you feel about rejection?” Jujubee says.

“I hate being ghosted,” Amy admits.

“Let’s get right down to it,” Thorgy says. “Do you want a long-lasting relationship?”

“I think that I do,” Amy tells the pair. “I’m probably not great at dating.”

“You keep ghosting people — you’re not!” Thorgy laughs.

Thorgy and Jujubee explain to Amy that she is obligated to be “a decent human being,” so it’s better for her to explain to the people she’s ghosting that she’s just no longer interested. Even if she likes the person on a friendly level, but not romantically, she should still make it clear that she would be willing to pursue some kind of platonic relationship.

“Be smart, be kind,” Jujubee continues. “And just give them your all.”

Watch the full episode of In The Know’s “Love Hotline” above to see more, including Jujubee and Thorgy’s advice for an anonymous question about how to handle guys on the internet.

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