Loving chimp tackles little girl in sweet embrace: ‘He sensed a good soul in [her]’

This chimp can’t stop cuddling this little girl, and it’s too adorable for words!

Moksha (@mokshabybee) is a TikToker and animal enthusiast whose wildlife content has earned her over 6 million followers. She recently shared a video of an adorable interaction between a chimp and a little girl, which quickly went viral

The clip has over 16 million views, and begins with the friendly chimp passing out hugs to visitors. When the chimp gets to his next guest, a little girl, it can hardly contain its excitement. 

The little girl squeals in delight as the chimp playfully tackles her to the ground with more hugs. By now, the entire group is in hysterics over the chimp’s infatuation. The child’s face is beet red from giggling so hard. 

Her joy is palpable while rolling around in the chimp’s embrace as it continues to give her hugs and kisses. “Hehe, okay,” she says as the chimp turns to the camera before giving her one last hug. 

Viewers took to TikTok to express their awe and amazement. 

“I would literally take years off of my life to experience this,” said one user. 

“She will remember that moment the rest of her life,” another viewer noted. 

Other TikTokers were moved by the pure innocence of the moment. 

“He sensed a good soul in that little girl,” remarked one user. 

According to researchers, caring for an animal teaches children valuable lessons such as responsibility, compassion, and patience. And while you’re probably not in the market for a chimpanzee, studies do suggest that pets benefit children’s development.

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