Loving dad ‘waves’ goodbye to his daughter every day on their commute: ‘This is the most beautiful thing’

TikTok is in their feelings over a father’s touching gesture to his daughter every morning. 

Daphnie Vega posted a video of the view from her car during her drive to work. But the daily trip was more than the hustle and bustle of traffic, it was a chance for her to connect with her father.

“I commute with my dad every day,” Vega said. “I drive behind him. And right before I take my exit he waves goodbye with his hazard lights.” 

The footage showed the car in front of her quickly blink its hazard lights. It was Vega’s father’s way of letting her know he’s there. 

“It’s the small gesture that counts,” Vega captioned the video.

‘I’d simply cry every day…’

The TikTok racked up over 10.5 million views. People found the thoughtful moment to be moving.

“I’d simply cry every day,” one person wrote.

“That’s so precious,” another said

“This is the most beautiful thing I saw today. I’m not crying you are,” a user commented.

Vega later reacted to her video’s virality in a follow-up TikTok.

“Thank you so much to everyone for blowing up that simple video. Literally just is my morning commute, a simple gesture,” Vega said. “What means more to me than any of the millions of views that it has now are the comments. I truly wish that I could read them all because the stories you are telling me about your fathers, what he used to do, what he does, or even, like, what you wish he did. It really warms my heart and just makes me more grateful for the relationship I have with my father.”

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